#15: What has You interested?

I came across a new podcast that I haven’t actually had the chance to listen to but upon reading information on it I plan on checking it out indefinitely. The podcast is called You and it based out of Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.

“The show, which varies from 45 minutes to two hours in length, is hosted by Adrienne Brown-Reasner, marketing and events manager at the museum, and Jack Woller, former associate director at the museum.”

The premise of the podcast is to ask guests on the show what they do and how they got interested in what they do. What’s so great about this podcast is that it has reached 6 continents already in its 20 episodes.

“Another aspect of the podcast involves guests giving a recommendation for a book or movie they think people should check out. Sometimes it’s related to what they do, like science-related topics, and sometimes not.”

In my personal experience learning about people’s stories on why they do, what they do, and how they got into it has been a favorite conversation of mine to have. My favorite person to talk to about this subject is my uncle Teddy.

My uncle Teddy is a Shuttle Legend, meaning he has been apart of the operations process for each shuttle mission from STS-1 in 1981 to STS-135 in 2011 while working for United Space Alliance. Working on these unique spacecrafts has been a dream of his since he was younger.

Born in the 1950’s the journey to space was just starting to take shape and he had a desire to be apart of that. He has studied at several universities and holds degrees that contribute to his career.

His first degree he obtained was his Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida. I loved hearing about his experiences in college, he worked full time at a country club in Gainesville while in school and still managed to graduate.

I hope just giving you a glimpse into my uncle’s life has you intrigued, there are several people in my life that I want to one day tell their stories and shed light on their passions for their jobs.

“Brown-Reasner said each podcast is something different and she learns something new from each guest.”

“I’ve discovered how much I enjoy the, ‘What got you interested in what you do?’ story,” she said.



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