#14: Interview Prep

Interviewing someone can be an adventure, but also nerve wracking. Here is how I prepare myself to interview someone.

First I find a subject, being on a college campus makes it easy to find someone to interview, especially during the summer when things are going a little slower.

image2 (3)

I found my subject and he happens to work in the same building where my summer class is held, Lurleen Burns Wallace Hall is located on the campus of Troy University and houses the Troy Digital Network.


Doing an interview with someone always requires a camera or voice recorder, so after picking up my gear I make sure I have the absolute essentials on me. I always make sure to have a pen and notepad on hand with my questions ready on the notepad. It’s also wise to have a notepad on hand to write down notes during the interview.

Some sort of SD card to record your content is essential, it would be a bummer to have everything ready for your interview except for something to record it with! An extra battery for your camera is vital, I have experienced on more than one occasion unfortunately the mishap of forgetting an extra battery when my first battery died. Always be prepared!


Set up your shot and have everything ready for your interview, I like to talk to my subject as I’m setting up to make them more comfortable around me and maybe get some more information that I can ask about later in questions I come up with on the spot.

image2 (2)

Be observant of your surroundings, as you can see my subject has many awards and accolades that I was able to ask him about in the interview.

image1 (4)

At the end of everything make sure you have packed up all of your equipment and head out! Make sure as your taking down your tripod you don’t smash your fingers like I have in the past!

I hope these tips and visuals were helpful for you! Happy interviewing!


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