#12: Serial not Cereal

I’ve talked about Serial before in this blog and I wanted to revisit the subject again and expand on it. Season two wrapped up a while ago and there was an announcement regarding season three.

Now let’s break down the two different seasons and the prior knowledge I at least had about them.

In season 1 Serial looked at a case I had never even heard of, partially because when Adnan was being tried for the alleged killing of his ex girlfriend I was around 10. Even though I had an interest in the news, I lived in Florida and probably wouldn’t have heard about a killing in Maryland.

The story and investigation of Adnan unfolded the more that Sarah Koenig talked to him and got to know what happened from his point of view. Koenig did talk to Jay and it did help the story move along, but it was just a weird twist that just gave you more questions than answers.

Even though the verdict called for Adnan’s guilt he maintained his innocence throughout the trial. Through Koenig’s investigations she points out some mistakes that happened during the trail and how that would have affect the outcome for Adnan.

For season two I had hear a bit about Bowe Bergdahl and the trade that happened to get him released and back to the U.S. This season was harder to follow because of the military jargon and the geographic location of where everything happened.

It was hard to understand Bergdahl’s reasoning as to why he thought it would be okay to walk off of his base but I felt as though Koenig did a wonderful job at trying to piece together his thought process.

Serial’s sophomore season wasn’t a flop in my opinion, although there are some that would disagree with me. There was a reason why Koenig and Julie Snyder chose to do bi-weekly uploads, and that was to make sure that no details were left out in their storytelling.

With the announcement of season three I can’t say I have heard about Fugazi and Ian MacKaye. Koenig’s mission during this season will be to identify the three other members of Fugazi. Which I just found out is a band, so it should be an interesting third season and I am looking forward to it this upcoming Spring.


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