#8: Slacking in Focus

So in short, I have been slacking in my podcast game. I haven’t had the chance to be able to fully focus on what I’m listening to in the past couple of weeks.

There’s really no excuse, but I am working, taking summer classes, and planning a wedding all within the same time frame, so I figured I would get some grace from y’all.

Regardless, I am planning on driving home this weekend. Home for me is Montevallo, Alabama which is only a couple hours away from where I currently attend school at Troy University.

So I tell you all this to tell you a little about myself and where I live, and to say that for my car ride to and from home will be used wisely. Meaning I plan on  catching up on the podcasts I currently listen to and start a couple of new ones.

I typically like listening to the true crime podcasts, but I want to expand my palette. Magic Lessons was a fun listen, so I will probably continue with that one.

When I listen to a podcast I want to be able to give my full attention to it. For example, the other morning while I was getting ready for the day I was listening to the latest episode of Criminal , and  while it was an interesting story that was unfolding I was only half listening.

Focusing and being intentional is important in all forms of storytelling. It is not just about showing interest, but allowing your mind to gather the information and process what is being talked about.

The faster we get our information in this day and age, the less we process the things that need time and patience to process. I’m guilty of it and I think we are all guilty of it.

One of my goals of things I would like to work on through this blog and a website I am building is to take the time to gain understanding of the information I am taking in. Storytelling takes time, but the end result is something to be proud of.

I essentially just want to be proud of the content I put out there, so with these goals in mind I plan on moving forward.


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