#6: Candid

I told myself I wouldn’t get too mushy on you guys, but I’m going to go ahead and get candid anyways. Being vulnerable and transparent is my specialty.

Since I was little I had always been told by my favorite uncle that I have the power to command an audience with storytelling, and that meant even him. Whenever we had our large family gatherings I would immediately go over to him and begin telling him stories about things I had seen, heard, or experienced that week.

It was a two way street of story telling, I would start and finish one and then he would start and finish one. We would go back and forth, getting wrapped up in this magical world of storytelling.

Storytelling allows us to experience things we have never experienced before through someone else. There is a delicate balance, but its not that hard to achieve.

I researched a little but on how to make this blog a little more personal than just me telling you what I think about podcasts. I found an article written by a guy named Alex Limburg titled: “A Blogger’s Guide to Telling Stories That Win Hearts and Minds”

You’re going to have the read the whole thing to get the complete gist of the article but here was a nugget of truth I found:

“Here is the point: We humans are raw and vulnerable. We want to see ourselves reflected in others and we want to experience truth (even if it’s not always fact) – which is why we love to immerse ourselves in the pain and the joy of a sweeping story.” 

You get to experience a range of emotions in stories told by other people, my thought and worry is however that because of today’s culture and society we don’t have the attention spans for this. I myself and guilty of not following through and giving a story the time of day.

Something that I enjoy doing from time to time (besides listening to podcasts.) is watching TED Talks . One because they are all typically under 20 minutes, which is great for my short attention span, and two because they’re typically full of information you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

I think TED Talks have some form of storytelling within their videos whether you realize it or not, which in my mind is a successful way of storytelling. Conveying information, or something educational through a formal like that is gold.


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