#5: Ira Glass


Currently I am listening to the Longform Podcast episode #159: Ira Glass in which Glass talks about his humble beginnings with This American Life.

Glass began working in radio in 1978 as an intern for NPR when he was 19. He moved to Chicago in 1989 and then in 1995 This American Life went on air.

In reading his bio on their site and listening to this podcast I have learned that Glass did it all. Which makes him the perfect host/producer because he has seen it all and knows much hard work goes into creating content.

During his conversation with Longford he mentions Serial and how Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder wanted to take journalism and create something that had the same attention-grabbing-appeal as HBO or Netflix. In my opinion I believe that they succeeded.

Something that This American Life has done is taking their show on the road. How does a radio show do a live show, in front of a live audience?

Typically Glass has a guest or two to do an interview with in front of a live audience. These interviews are tied in with stories that all flow together to create a cohesive and entertaining show.


In the picture above is a description for an event happening in Birmingham! When I found out that not only was Glass touring but that he would be performing nearby I was excited!

Even though I go to school and pretty much live full time in Troy, I do live with family in Montevallo, AL which is only a 3o-45 minutes south of Birmingham. The tickets for this event aren’t too badly priced so I plan on being in attendance!

I contacted the person over Ira Glass questions/requests to see if I could do a quick interview with Glass before or after the show, I was kindly directed to the podcast I’m listening to. I was also told to send more information on an upcoming website that I’m currently working on. I will share more information about that as soon as I can.

The thing I am most looking forward to with this live show of This American Life is to see in person how they combine dance and radio. I’m sure it will be a night to remember and I plan on sharing it will you all!



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