#2: Success

If you are a frequent podcast listener you more than likely are interested because of the content that you are hearing. If I find a podcast that I am genuinly interested in I will typically download as many episodes as I can to listen to throughout the week.

Sometimes credibility with the persons you are listening to also keeps you coming back for more. There is a recipe to successful podcasts according to Forbes.com that you can read here.

  1. Understand why you’re doing it
  2. Start strong
  3. Understand your revenue strategy
  4. Increase frequency
  5. Find unusual guests.

Keep in mind all of what I am about to say is coming from a listener’s point a view, I’m not planning on creating a podcast anytime soon.

Podcast creators that have a clear understanding of the five W’s and how they all correlate together are probably going to be more successful. If they all mesh together and the content reflects that, then the strenght of interest is sure to follow.

Revenue strategy is something I want to do more research on my own and write a future post about. From my basic knowledge I know that some podcasts have affiliate stations in bigger cities, so that is where some of their revenue comes from. But again, I plan on dong more research.

Having a frequent uploading schedule can go either way. This American Life uploads every week, while Criminal and Serial‘s uploading schedule varies. Criminal only uploads two episodes every month however the content and kind of guests that they have on the show keeps me coming back.

Serial took the approach in their second season, because of the kind of information they were gathering, to stagger the episodes to every two weeks. Which worked out in their favor because as new information came in about the case they were able to put out fresh content.

My favorite component of podcasts would have to be the presence of unusual guests that are connected to the story that the podcast is telling. It’s always facinating when you can hear from a woman who has been in jail for more than 30 years for selling drugs, it’s not the actual act of selling drugs that keeps you interested, but the how and why she did it all.



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