#1: Storytelling Beginnings

Let’s jump right into it…

I have been in the podcast game on and off for a couple of years now, but it wasn’t until last year when I stumbled upon a true crime podcast that really demanded my attention.

Serial is a story told week-by-week and is hosted by Sarah Koenig, who kills it in the investigating and narrating department in my opinion. Through Serial I found its parent show: This American Life hosted by the fabulous Ira Glass. This American Life covers a range of topics and is not limited to its Chicago backyard.

Because of both of these podcasts I started to think about the foundation of a podcast and what makes them so likable, and borderline addicting. With so many kinds of podcasts out there I know there has to be something for everyone.

So through this blog I want to analyze the foundations of storytelling and the how and why podcasts have become a popular form of storytelling. I also plan on asking around and doing research on other podcasts that are out there.

My favorite genre of podcast would have to be the true crime podcast. Besides Serial I have also taken a liking to Criminal and  Sword and the Scale. Even though they’re all the same genre they are very different in their presentation.

Serial is a constant investigative podcast, it keeps you coming back for more after each episode. I started listening to this podcast shortly after the first season ended so I ended up listening to the whole thing within a matter of a week. Sarah Koenig and her team find cases in which the guilty person, who believes they are innocent of course, has an incredible set of circumstances that have gotten them to that point. These episodes range from 30 minutes to an hour, so they were ideal for me on a long road trip.

Criminal which is hosted by Phoebe Judge, is typically a much shorter podcast, however is does not disappoint in content. Each episode is different and riveting in the stories that are told. One episode could take place in its home state of North Carolina, and the next could be somewhere on the other side of the country. The variety of the types of cases presented in this podcast is what keeps me coming back for more.

Sword and Scale is a podcast a have only recently discovered so I am still analyzing it, I can tell you however that they rely heavily on the kind of music that they play during their storytelling, as I continue my research on this podcast I will explain in greater detail later on.


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